Integrated Systems Testing

Do you have 2 or more of the following systems in your project that are connected together?

Fire Alarm systemsEmergency Power (including Generators)
Sprinkler & Standpipe SystemsEmergency lighting
Fire PumpsSmoke and Fire Shutters and Dampers
Electromagnetic locksSmoke Control
Door Hold-open devicesVentilation
Cooking Fire SuppressionHazardous Protection Monitoring
ElevatorsMass Notification Systems
A/V and Lighting Control SystemsWater Supplies
Water Supply Control Valve

As per Alberta Building Code 2014 (ABC 2014) and the Alberta Fire Code 2014 (AFC 2014) Integrated Systems Testing has been a requirement and has been confirmed by Standata in March 2018 that all life safety systems need an integration test completed and signed off by a professional. This needs to be done in accordance with the standards as outlined in ULC S-1001. This code driven testing confirms that the systems work together as designed and will provide the documentation as a package to the building inspector that the life safety and building systems are interacting as designed.

The process will include:

  • Gather design information including:
    • Floor plans
    • Fire protection design documents
    • Sequence of operations and descriptions
    • Operations and Test instructions
    • Miscellaneous documents
  • Prepare the Integrated Testing Plan (IST)
    • consider phased occupancy, where applicable
  • Revision to plan if any design changes occur from plan preparation to testing
  • Approval of plan by Design Professionals and AHJ (where required)
  • Confirm that all systems are ready for testing
  • Collect verification and inspection documents
  • Implement testing and document as per the IST
  • Retesting of Failed Tests (if required)
  • Final report issued

Testing effort is related to how complex the system is and how many systems are connected together. As well, in digital systems each software command is considered an integration. Each state of each systems needs to be shown that it initiates the expected action in the system.

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